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Website was Born on 7th August 2010, last evolved 3rd January 2012
Scotland Jewellery
13G Forest Park Road
Mobile: 07769685974

1. Delivery of jewellery to UK destinations.
a. Delivery for all orders within the UK are free and will be sent Royal Mail first class delivery within 4 working days of the order being placed.
b. Scotland Jewellery must deliver to the buyers address, this is not just good business sense from Scotland Jewellery, but also a legal requirement from our payment processing partner, PayPal.
c. Items are not considered lost until 15 working days after the due date.
d. Refunds for lost items will not be given out until Scotland Jewellery has complete a compensation claim with Royal mail. This compensation process takes 2 to 4 weeks.

2. Delivery outside the U.K.
a. For delivery charges outside the U.K. please e-mail . Include in the e-mail the item code and the country you live in. Scotland jewellery will calculate the delivery charge and send you an e-mail envoice. If you aren't happy with the price just ignore the invoice and Scotland Jewellery won't sent the item or items. If you are happy with the price, pay the invoice and Scotland Jewellery will send you the item or items.

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